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AMAZON-AES - Amazon.com, Inc.







39.0481 | -77.4728


IP Lookup helps you to find information about a specific IP address. Information such as Address Information, Related IPs, PTR, Description, ASN, ISP, etc...

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IP address

(Internet Protocol address - IP address) is a unique number assigned to devices in computer networks, IP protocol. IP addresses are used on the Internet and local networks. The IP address is stored in the form of four octets in decimal form separated by dots.

In addresses that have been assigned to computers, part of the bits on the left side of the 32-bit IP address identifies the network. The number of these bits depends on the so-called address class. The remaining bits in the 32-bit IP address identify a specific computer located in this network. Such a computer is called a host. The computer's IP address consists of a network part and a part of the host that represents a particular computer located in a particular network.

Static IP address

Static IP address or Dynamic IP? We display your current IP address. If you turn off your computer and your router and your IP has not changed when you come back, there is a good chance your IP is static (fixed). If the IP has changed then you have a dynamic IP

PTR - Reverse DNS

The PTR records are used to search the reverse DNS. Using the IP you can see to which domain / server it is associated. There must be an A record for each PTR.

The use of a reverse DNS configuration for an email server can be a good solution. Some external email servers do reverse DNS lookups before accepting messages that originate from that server.